Calcinosis Working Group

Summary of goals/project(s) of working group:

  • “A Prospective Study to Identify Risk Factors for Progressive Calcinosis in Patients with Systemic Sclerosis: A Scleroderma Clinical Trials Consortium Study”
  • “Validation of radiographic scoring system for calcinosis affecting the hands”
  • “Plasma Inorganic Pyrophosphate (PPi) levels as a biomarker for ectopic calcification in scleroderma spectrum and other rheumatic diseases”

Progress to date for working group:

  • We have enrolled 568 patients from 10 centers within the US, Mexico, Canada and Australia. 204 have completed 1-year follow-up. Analyses of all baseline data completed.
  • 6 centers have provided XR of the hands from 213 patients
  • PPi project received funding from SCTC

Next steps:

  • To complete 1-year follow-up data collection and perform longitudinal analysis
  • To complete scoring of XRs of the hands and assess sensitivity to change of radiographic scoring system
  • To publish the results of the analysis of baseline data

What are expected deliverables and timelines for grant/working group?

  • Draft, and final manuscript submitted for peer review – March 2019
  • Scoring of all hand XR and analysis of results – April 2019
  • Analyses of longitudinal data for ACR Abstract submission – June 2019

Contact information for how can members get involved:

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