Benedict Visiting Fellowships


The SCTC’s objective in setting up this fellowship programme is to provide individuals early in their career with the opportunity to spend time in a systemic sclerosis (scleroderma) centre that is an SCTC member institution. International fellows will have the benefits of mentorship by a senior clinician with wide experience in systemic sclerosis. A fellowship will provide a ‘step-up’ on the road to becoming an independent researcher, and in some cases to setting up a new scleroderma centre. The overall aim is to foster the next generation of clinicians and clinician scientists with an interest in systemic sclerosis-spectrum disorders. It is anticipated that 2-3 fellowships will be awarded per year.

What does a fellowship involve?

  • Fellowships will generally be for 4 weeks, but there is flexibility (2 weeks to 3 months) depending on an individual’s needs and aspirations as well as the availability of the mentor(s) and resources of the host institution.
  • Each fellowship will be hosted at an SCTC member institution, either in the applicant’s own country or further afield. See our list of SCTC member institutions.
  • The fellow will attend clinics and ward rounds, and participate in departmental research activities. There can be a focus on either clinical practice or research, whichever is most appropriate for the individual. If the focus is on clinical practice, then it is anticipated that during the fellowship the fellow will write up a clinical case or cases series, with the expectation that this will be submitted to a Systemic Sclerosis World Congress (or other national or international meeting). If the focus is on research, then it is anticipated that the fellow will engage in a short research project, again with the expectation that an abstract will be submitted to a Systemic Sclerosis World Congress or an International Workshop on Scleroderma Research (or other national or international meeting), or become involved in a larger project that  s/he will continue with in collaboration with the mentor after returning home. Alternatively (or additionally) the fellow (whether clinical or research focused) could draft a review article for submission to the Journal of Scleroderma and Related Disorders. Although expenses to attend a World Congress or International Workshop on Scleroderma Research are not covered by the fellowship, fellows can apply to the SCTC for a travel award to attend either of these meetings.
  • Following the fellowship, the fellow will submit a 1,000 word report describing what he/she has gained from the fellowship. The intention is that reports will be posted on the SCTC website.
  • For the 12 months following the fellowship, fellows are encouraged to keep their mentors updated with their progress. Most mentors will be happy to provide ongoing support.
  • The fellowship ‘visit’ must be completed within a year from the date of award of the fellowship.

 How to apply?

Applicants may either make the first approach to a member institution/mentor, or they may approach the SCTC for a list of suggested host institutions/mentors happy to be contacted (in this case contact Adara Borys, Administrative Assistant, SCTC, email Applicants should then submit (with the application) a supporting letter from the proposed mentor. Applications will be judged on the basis of the following:

  1. A personal statement of up to 500 words. This should include a description of what the applicant would gain from attending the fellowship, in terms of development of a career with a strong focus on clinical care of patients with systemic sclerosis and/or systemic sclerosis research.
  2. A short CV (Maximum 3 pages)
  3. A supporting letter from the applicant’s current supervisor.
  4. A supporting letter from the proposed mentor from the proposed SCTC host institution.

When are applications considered?

There is no closing date for applications. It is anticipated that a decision will be made regarding each application within 6 weeks of receipt. 

Who is eligible?

Clinical trainees and those within the first five years of completing their training/starting their first Rheumatology faculty position are eligible to apply.

What costs are covered?

Travel, accommodation and subsistence costs will be covered to a maximum of 5,000 USD. Receipts must be provided.

Host sites receive a 1,000 USD stipend. Sites are also requested to provide a post-fellowship evaluation.

Any questions?

For questions relating to the international fellowships, please send an email to


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