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The Scleroderma Clinical Trial Consortium advances standards of research for people with scleroderma by conducting, sponsoring, and facilitating projects that improve clinical outcomes with a special focus on clinical trials.

The Scleroderma Clinical Trials Consortium  (SCTC) represents  the majority of researchers and clinicians in the world who have particular interest and expertise in the care of, and research in, scleroderma (systemic sclerosis).  Each institution to which these researchers belong constitutes an individual member of the SCTC, but each researcher within that institution is also considered to be an important asset to the SCTC and is invited to attend the AGM and is, as well, on our mailing list and may participate in our working groups.

As we represent a large number of scleroderma researchers, we are also in a position to interface between those researchers and industry to help the latter in their design of clinical trials (see 'Roundtable').  We are also interested in helping industry develop efficient methods of trial recruitment.

The executive consists of a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.  The executive meets along with past presidents and other interested parties once a month by teleconference.  The AGM is held at the time of the ACR meeting.

Member Institutions have a dedicated clinic for the care of persons with scleroderma, or a large number of patients with scleroderma under the direct care of the Member.  Member Institutions have participated in a previous clinical interventional trial of direct relevance to scleroderma or have published of at least one refereed manuscript describing clinical aspects of scleroderma within the previous five years. Provisional Members have participated in a previous clinical interventional trial for a non-scleroderma immunologic or rheumatologic disease, have support personnel experienced in clinical trials and “good clinical practices” and have demonstrated evidence of ability to recruit patients with scleroderma for clinical trials.

We are funded primarily from membership fees and donations including from patient organizations and industry.

We are always happy to include more full or provisional members who wish to be a part of a global effort to find effective treatments of scleroderma.


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If you are a newly accepted member of the SCTC, please select Initial Fee at $250.00 USD.
If you are a returning member of the SCTC, please select the option of Annual Fee at $200.00 USD.
If your institution is unable to use PayPal, please contact admin@sclerodermaclinicaltrials.org.

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